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#Eclipse – One in a Million

21 Dec

the Humbling

A week ago I had no knowledge of the significance of this evening.  Solstice Lunar Ecplise meant nothing to me. Waking up this morning I figured I would spend the evening in front of the tube watching TV.  Though throughout the day I realized the importance of December 21, 2010, a day an astronomical event was visible to the naked eye that hadn’t happened in 456 (tweatbeat), 372 (askville.amazon), 632 (huffingtonpost), 632 (Dr. Tony Phillips),  372 (cnn.com) 372 (wikipedia) years.

Tonight I look up at the sky, watching the bright diamond shimmering moon light up the sky. As the dark shadow engulfs the moon we crane our necks.  We as a city, state, country, race, world.  We look up at they sky and watch Live via the internet.  As event that hasn’t happened for centuries we look up in awe. At what lies above us, wishing that there is something out there, something beyond what we know.  We believe it, or want to believe.  Praying up at a rock circling our planet for a sign that there is purpose in our lives and reason why we are living on this planet, three rocks from the sun in our galaxy somewhere in the universe.

The shadow consumes the last sliver of silver around the circle in the sky. And it goes dark, but not for too long.  A red glow comes from the bottom of the moon and then pulsates around the globe.  It is amazing.

Watching above I know that it is we that are special, for all we will ever know we are alone on this planet and we don’t realize we are the miracle, we are the special beings touched with the spark to look up and view an amazing galactic event, the alignment of the source of our life, the sun, the earth of the planet under our feet that we survive on and the dead rock that circles us.  Everything is in perfect alignment with us in the middle, we are the center of our universes, only us. And by god we are special and we all don’t know it.

Every once in a while look up into the depths of the sky and let it humble you.