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Pyramid – Part One

22 Aug

The people in my apartment complex have always been rude to me and I’m never sure why that is.  My girlfriend and I don’t have loud sex, we don’t throw parties, and we watch TV at low levels so we don’t upset Early.  Early is my girlfriend’s wonderful parrot that wakes us up when the sun rises, squawking “I’m full, I’m full, I’m full”,  She gets out of bed and feeds it,  we have sex when she returns and we go back to bed.  That is the only time we have sex so I guess I should like the annoying animal, but it is just so damn loud.  She had Early when I moved in 2 years ago, and Early started repeating it’s “I’m full” chant a year ago, which was around the time I first suspected my girlfriend of seeing someone else.

The day it arrived started like all weekdays, she left me alone in the apartment where I work.  I review TV news programs.  All day I watch CNN, MSNBC, etc.  I watch them and review the stories, post them on my website, alongside the google ads that pay me .00000001 cents for every click.

My reviews are short and give people information on how accurate news stories may or may not be, how interesting they are to me, how informative, how much energy each anchor has on that particular day, do they seem nervous, do they seem like they are hiding something.  (It is my belief that one day all news anchors are going to be act slightly different as they tell us about the latest big news story.  On that day they are going to all be a little nervous, small sweats, nervous flickering of the eyes, impatient tapping of their feet reverberating though their bodies.  The tells a person gives away when they are lying).  I do a service that no one else does, I’m a TV news reviewer.  Funnily enough, my life was void of stories worth sharing until the pyramid appeared in my apartment.

When I walked out of the shower that late morning, drying my hair with a towel as I walked to turn on the news I almost tripped right into it.   (Maybe I did trip into it and just didn’t get swallowed up.) My towel dropped to the floor as I became mesmerized with the pyramid the size of a microwave inches from my face. When I stared into the blackness I didn’t think of Early who needed his wings cliped this week.

The pyramid was a black hole in my apartment.  The square base was parallel to the floor, hovering 5 feet over my living room rug. The tip of the pyramid was two feet above the base, right under my eye line.  It didn’t smell, it made no noise.  I shouted into it and it didn’t echo. I walked around it, surveying and inspecting. I waved my hands over the tip, around and under it.  Nothing was holding it up or was attached to it.  I reached out to touch it, my hand shaking and heart racing. I couldn’t go through with it, I couldn’t touch it.  I breathed on it, or actually what seemed like into it.  My breath went right into it.  What was this thing?