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7 Mar

How long can you last without feeling genuine love?  It feeds the soul and sustains a level or normalcy that is needed to survive the day to day shit of life.  Our lives are easy, we deal with work we don’t like, fear the fading of health and aging. Violence surrounds us on a variety of extremes which we discuss and avoid the best we can. Outside of friends and family that you love and would do anything for, who do you love?

I’m emotionally devoid of love and try everyday to suppress the feeling of its necessity. It is out of our control.  We don’t chose who we love but why can’t we find those that will fulfill it. A large percentage of society is either in a relationship or married. Why not me? Why not you? Why aren’t they in love.

I want to feel something.  I want to be moved.  Who is that person that is going to do that? Is it me that needs to change, open up to allow those feelings? Is it that other person that will surprise me with their idiosyncrasies and skewed outlook on life that will effect me?  Am I selfish?

The feeling we had falling in obsessive high school love that first time, why does it diminish and disappear overtime? Broken Hearts? When we fall in love and the person crushes us by leaving, cheating etc spiraling us into longing.  Is that what leaves us empty.

Is it all of us or is it just a few? Is it just me?

I know I’ll give back endlessly, I hope I will. I want to connect with someone on the “soulmate” level.  I want everyone to have this feeling.  It will lead to a fulfilled life we all should share.

Sharing moments in bed close to the one you trust and love are not to be taken for granted.  If even for a short period, enjoy them, appreciate them. Their puriety won’t last forever, and if they do, you are the luckiest couple in the world.

Why do I crave it? As it been to long or do I really need it to help me get through life?

Why is it all to hard? It could be harder.

Where is she?