Don’t wait to ask these questions to the ones you love…

1 Oct

1) When did you know when you were in love?

2) Are you happy with your life?

3) Did you raise me the way you wanted to?

4) What was your favorite day?

5) What is your favorite memory?

6) Did you accomplish everything?

7) Did I love you enough?

eight) Do believe in a higher power?

9) Where will you go when you die?

10) Where will I?

11) Did you eat enough?

12) Did you work hard enough?

13) Did you protect those you love?

14) What fights do you wish you won?

15) Which fights do you wish you fought?

16) Who was your first love?

17) What was your worst breakup?

18) What is your favorite memory of me?

19) What shouldn’t I have done in my life?

20) What should I have done in my life?

21) Are you proud of me?

22)  What was your favorite meal?

23) What was your favorite city?

24) Who was your first kiss?

25) Who taught you to drive?

26) Who taught you how to swim?

27) Who gave you the best advice in your life?

28) What was that advice?

29) What advice do you wish you gave me?

30) What advice can you give me now?

31) What was your favorite vacation?

32) Where didn’t you get to go?

33)  Do you believe in government?

34) Where did society go wrong?

35) Where did it go right?

36) Do you believe in intelligent life other than ours?

37) Who shot JFK?

38) Were the Moon landings real?

39) Have you ever seen a UFO?

40) Do you know anyone that has?

41) What was your saddest moment?

42) When did you last cry?

43) Who do you wish you could have comforted?

44) What was your favorite party?

45) What music did you like?

46) What were your favorite movies?

47) What were your favorite books?

48) What book did you read the most times?

49) What movie did you watch the most?

50) Did you ever have one night stands?

51) Did you ever have an STD?

52) Did you want children?

53) Do you wish you told your parents you loved them enough?

54) Have you ever cheated on a test?

55) Have you ever cheated while in a relationship?

56) What was your biggest fear?

57) What truly scared you?

58) What do you wish you learned?

59) What do you wish you did?

Did you ever wait too long to tell someone you loved them?


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