24 Sep

What I have learned from life and my parents

– If don’t believe in anything, you’ll fall for anything. “sucker punch?”

– You can’t love something that hasn’t happened

– It is better to feel skinny than be skinny.

– I may or may not be smart, but I am not smart enough to lie.

– Lying is not a smart thing to do if you have a bad memory.

– Kill them with kindness only gets you so far in life, but you will lead an easier life.

– Its not the end when you lose everything you have in life, its the beginning.

– The best word in any language is the word “why”. Why? Because it is infinite and can never be answered, try.

– Don’t own more music than you can listen to.

– If you make a list of attributes you are looking for in your “true love”, you will find that you are looking for the female/male version of yourself, and that list is the opposite of what you should be looking for . Take that list, invert it and you will find the person who is right for you. Opposites do attract and you will challenge yourself for the rest of your lives.

– The moment you know you love someone happens after sex.


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