Self Experiment – Craigslist Hookups

9 Aug

I created an email account to test out the casual relationships section of craigslist.  I figure I haven’t hooked up in a while and there are plenty of people out there looking for easy no strings attached fun.  Sending pics in exchange for pics on their side.

There are actually a lot of people online looking to do this.  I decide to email girls 20-30.  Nothing to crazy or desperate.  All girls in the casual section want pics and a little description, I just send pics and wait and see.  Some girls need big cocks, some haven’t done it before, some claim they are hot and lonely.  None post their own pics or names.

I sent about 15 emails out.  Can’t wait to see if they send pics back, if they are real, and if they are looking for money. I’m not sure I will go through with it, but I if you want a discrete relationship you can’t use Facebook and your friends, the AdultFriendfinder type websites are expensive.  So here I am, not getting sex, trying to find random lonely women.

I hope this is safe.


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