Self Experiment – Craigslist Hookups update 1

9 Aug

Got my first reply from a good looking European girl. We sent a couple emails back and forth, till she told me to email her through a dating website. She also said she had crazy ex-boyfriend so we needed to be discreet. But that shouldn’t be a problem because her 22 month child would be asleep by the time I got over.

Lets see. A Russian girl from craigslist wants me to come over at night to nail her, but we can’t wake the baby up and there will always be the threat of a psycho boyfriend/father coming over and killing me? Not what I am looking for.

Another girl emailed me saying she loves to give blow jobs but I would need to find her through some adult friend finder site.

Looks like craigslist isn’t a supply of easy/casual encounters, but full of plants from dating websites. (Also I think some are selling themselves but I haven’t run into them yet) I will post any updates on responses back but I think it is going to lead no where. Which is a very good thing.


2 Responses to “Self Experiment – Craigslist Hookups update 1”

  1. neeraj June 21, 2011 at 3:50 pm #

    hey man, i did a search for and ran into your post, good stuff. I had too go through the same hassle and fell for it the first time round. wish I ran into your post before going through the process. was in chicago and just wanted too have a quick hookup and did a search ran into the same european type girl her name was “kalya b” but she gave me different replys in her emails sounded genuwine and wanted to meetup after she was done with work for some drinks and see where it went, but wanted me to sign up and get her number from a site, suspicious too me but my body got the better of me in the moment. In any case found an asian girl visiting from china in the hotel struck up a convo and banged her all night. much better than going through the hassels.

    I’ve found meeting random chicks throughout the day or while running errands having a quick 1-2min conversation and getting their number following up later and escalating to sex much easier than worrying about whether some random person I contacted through some random site is really who they say they are (a) and (b) got some kinda disease cause some dude just paid her to get him off cause all other chicks want too stay clear.

    Just wanted to comment cause I was cracking up when reading your posts cause I went through the same thing but at least your sharing. Awesome stuff. Thanks.

    • thoughtpatrol June 22, 2011 at 2:13 pm #

      I love that you found some Asian girl and had some fun. I agree now, much easier to do a little work in the real world rather than feeling guilty and dirty by trolling the internet for a quick hookup.

      Thanks for sharing your story.

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